15 Makeup Brands that Test on Animals which seem Cruelty Free

Many makeup brands that test on animals have always been perceived to be cruelty free, but they are not. Since these brands are very common and extremely coveted, we are always lured into buying them. But friends, know before you buy. Here’s the list:

Victoria’s Secret


From the past many years, Victoria’s Secret has attracted a huge number of consumers and increased its sales, but in reality, it is not cruelty-free; it is going to begin its sale in China, meaning thereby, it has to pay for the cruel tests done on animals.



Because of the high-quality makeup, a large number of people prefer M.A.C. But it is one of the oldest makeup brands that test on animals. These days there are too many high end high quality options you can choose from which in actual sense are cruelty free. Too Faced & Hourglass cosmetics are good cruelty free alternatives to MAC.


Well, it is disgusting to hear that the famous brand Revlon pays for the cruel tests done on animals. Thus, just reduce the amount that you spend on the Revlon products to save the animals.


Procter & gamble which is a very reputed personal care and household cleaning brand, signed a deal to sell many of its beauty products including the Covergirl. Recently, it has been found that it pays huge amounts for conducting the harsh tests on the animals on a massive scale.


Well, do not buy the Maybelline products to look pretty. They pay a lot for the cruel tests done on animals. Prefer something which is absolutely cruelty-free.


The very famous eye cream helps to remove your wrinkles by testing the animals with the poisonous substances. Thus, just stop using the cream of this brand and hence, stop the animals from being killed.


The very famous brand, L’Oreal, pays a lot for conducting the cruelty tests on the animals. They really harm the animals up to a great extent. Therefore, just stop using the L’Oreal products all at once and save the animals.


The O.P.I. was earlier included in the cruelty-free brands, but after starting to sell in China it also started to conducts harmful tests on the animals.


This brand has a very good reputation in the market but it conducts a lot of harmful tests on the animals behind the scenes. Thus, stop using its products to save the animals.


This brand makes use of the innocent and helpless animals to test its products before selling them in the market. It has earned a huge amount of profit by continuing this practice from a long period of time.


Avon tests all of its products on the animals. The harmful tests harm the animals up to a great extent. Thus, the reputation of this brand in the market is false and customers are befooled in almost every way.

Estee Lauder

Well, if you are using these cruel brands’ products, just stop using them from this moment onwards. This brand is not cruelty-free and tests its products on the animals before selling them in the market.


It is not at all natural and cruelty- free. Try any other brands products which do not harm the animals by testing their products on them, like the Nuxe Company does.

Rimmel London

Just because it is a small company and also a British company, many people assume this brand to be cruelty-free. But, this is actually false. Rimmel London conducts very harsh tests on the animals on regular basis.


This brand says that it is cruelty-free, but when asked about its sale in China, Organix Company goes silent. Thus, it is not at all cruelty-free and buying its products should be avoided as much as possible.

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