Is Hugo Naturals cruelty free | Vegan ?

Is Hugo Naturals Cruelty free?

Yes, Hugo Naturals is a Cruelty free makeup brand.



Coming under Natural and Green makeup brands category, Hugo Naturals is known for its food-grade quality ingredients & claims that they never test on animals. Its products are 100% gluten free made from sustainable resources available from mother nature. During the initial days, they started from natural ingredient based hand-crafted soaps which they used to sell on local farmer’s market.

Hugo Naturals is a Leaping bunny certified company which indicates that The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCCI) assures that the manufacturer is not involved in animal testing in any phase of the production. It is also in PETA’s “does not test on animals” list.

Famous products of Hugo Naturals

  • Hugo Naturals Eucalyptus massage and body oil.
  • Hugo Naturals Unscented baby powder.
  • Hugo Naturals Unscented massage and body oil.
  • Hugo Naturals french Lavender dead sea salt scrub.
  • Hugo Naturals Indonesian Patchouli & Sandalwood massage and body oil.
  • Hugo Naturals Sea Fennel & Passion Flower sea salt & Sugar Scrub.



The pricing range for most of the items of Hugo Naturals is between 3$ to 12$. Massage and body oil will cost you around 10$, handcraft soaps will cost you around 4$ and other products remains at the same price range.

All in all, if you follow vegan lifestyle and prefer cruelty free makeup products, you should give Hugo Naturals a try!