Is Maybelline cruelty free? You won’t believe the answer!

Maybelline is so widely available and used that every other person keeps asking Is Maybelline Cruelty Free?

Unfortunately, Maybelline is not a cruelty free brand.

The Maybelline products are sold in China where it is mandatory to test the products on the animals.

Well, if you have a look on the website of this brand, you will see that Maybelline is a brand of L’Oreal, which is known for testing on animals. But to avoid any sort of confusion, the brands are examined individually. Thus, Maybelline is not a cruelty free brand similar to its parent company L’oreal.

Maybelline is a very famous makeup brand and its products are used worldwide. It manufactures cosmetics for the eyes, lips, face, accessories and much more. The prices of the products are not very high but the quality is just amazing.

No matter how much you love these products, but you should not forget that these are tested on the animals which put them into danger. Therefore, you should prefer less of these cult products and go for their alternatives.

Alternatives to Maybelline’s Cult Beauty Products

Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner instead of Maybelline’s 36H Studio Gel Eyeliner

I admit, I was a regular user of Maybelline’s gel liner. It was my go to product for everyday use. But when I got to know that Maybelline tests on animals, I started looking for dupes of maybelline eyeliner. I was particularly in love with the Maybelline Eyeliner’s lasting capability. Finally I Can say that Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is one such Eyeliner that can easily be used as a cruelty free dupe to the Maybelline Gel liner.


Natio Flawless Foundation as a cruelty free vegan dupe for Maybelline FIT ME foundation

Maybelline’s FIT ME Foundation is an amazing budget foundation that many women swear by. Well, it’s not cruelty free though. Finding something under a budget and vegan is a tough task. Natio’s Flawless Foundation is a good vegan dupe for Maybelline FIT ME Foundation which comes under the $25 range.


NYX Doll Eyes Mascara as a cruelty free alternative to Maybelline’s Colossal Mascara

While I am tempted to recommend Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara ($30), it certainly is very highly priced as compared to the Maybelline’s products. I tried the NYX Doll Eyes Mascara and it is a perfect budget cruelty free dupe for Maybelline mascara.


Conclusion – Is Maybelline Cruelty Free?

There are many other makeup brands which are cruelty free and serve your purpose really well. Thus, before spending your money on any cosmetic check whether it is cruelty free or not and then only make a decision. In this way, you can really contribute a lot in putting ban over the products which are not cruelty free and save the lives of the animals.

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