Is Morphe Cruelty Free?

Morphe Brushes have been around since a very long time and everyone loves them. Recently, Morphe’s eyeshadow palettes have become all the rage! Their affordable 35 shade Eyeshadow palettes have been raved by all the makeup enthusiasts all over the world. But the question – Is Morphe Cruelty free?

Yes, Morphe is a Cruelty Free Makeup Brand

We wrote to Morphe cosmetics and they had replied that they are a 100% cruelty free brand and do not support any kind of animal testing. Yaay! Reason to celebrate!

Must Buys From Morphe Cosmetics

Morphe offers a wide range of cruelty free and vegan products for its customers. Some of the most famous and desired products are -:

Morphe 35 shade Eyeshadow Palettes

The Morphe 35 shade eyeshadow palettes are bomb dot com! They are so amazing, everyone is craving for them. The 35OM is a beautiful must have warm toned matte palette. There are several shades in the palettes including the 35S, 35T, 35F, 35OS and many more. These are absolute must haves.

MORPHE BRUSHES/SETS-: Morphe offers a varied variety of brushes and their sets for its users.  Some of them are : M439 – Deluxe Buffer,  M433 – Pro Firm Blending Fluff,M441 – Pro Firm Blending Crease, M501 – Pro Pointed Blender, E4 – Angled Contourm –  Morphe has been known for many years for its amazing quality brushes.

MORPHE LASHES-: Morphe provides a wide range of Morphe Premium Lashes for their customers. These voluminous false eye lashes are lightweight but do not give away their dramatic effect. These lashes are made out of high quality synthetic material which has no harm even if worn all day long.

Conclusion – Is Morphe Cruelty Free?

Thankfully amongst thousands of non-cruelty free makeup brands, there are brands like Morphe which provides its customers with cruelty free and vegan makeup products. You can get Morphe products on their website.

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Some More Affordable Cruelty Brands – Morphe Alternatives

Morphe sells its makeup only through its website. There are times when it becomes impossible to buy a Morphe product when you’ve clearly been waiting for it. The 35 shade eyeshadow palettes and high-quality products are also available in several other brands. Check out some Morphe Alternatives:

Elf Cosmetics Brushes

ELF is an absolute favorite of everyone right now. The products are so affordable and they are cruelty free as well. Here are some products from Elf that are EXACTLY similar to those offered by Morphe:

Elf 12 brush set for $18.95 only. Buy now on Amazon
This Elf 12 brush set is a dream! This set has the following brushes:

Concealer brush

Blush/bronzer brush

Foundation brush

Blending eye brush

Smudge eye sponge

Eye liner brush

Total face brush

Defining eye brush

Eyelash and brow wand

Lip defining brush

Brow comb brush

Eye shadow brush.

If you are an individual brush hoarder then these individual brushes from Elf could be your pick:

Buy here – e.l.f. Studio Kabuki face brush

Buy here – e.l.f. Studio Powder Brush elf



This is our information about is Morphe cruelty free and their cult products. If you have any questions, feedbacks or suggestions, let us know at

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