Is Wool Vegan? Bursting the myths about Wool Industry.

Is Wool Vegan?

We have answered and tried to explain the question – is wool vegan ? in a simple and easy to understand article, keep reading below:

Wool is not Vegan

It is true that in the process of manufacturing wool, the sheep does not die but the process with which Wool is created is painful for them. 

Process of Producing Wool

The untamed sheep produces a certain limit of wool as per the climate, whereas the industries require much more. Thus the animals are put into very harsh conditions. Furthermore, they are treated in a cruel manner to produce the required quantity of wool.

A cruel activity that takes place in the wool industry with the sheep’s is mulesing. Under this process, large pieces of flesh are removed from the animal’s body to prevent a parasitic disease known as flystrike. This act is performed without giving pain killers to these animals. The living conditions of these animals are changed according to the needs of the industry, which in turn, affect the quality of life of the animals.

The most difficult stage that the sheep have to go through is through the process of shearing. Sheep is made to pin down and if they resist they are beaten up very badly. Usually in this process the tails or the neck or any body part of the sheep is damaged, which is then stitched without using any anaesthetics.

Is all this worth a cardigan? The exploitation of animals up to this extent for our own benefit cannot be considered as humane at all.

You cannot consider wool as a good option because animals in large numbers are being harmed for the same. The painful procedure that they have to undergo cannot be neglected at any cost.

Alternatives to Wool

There are many alternatives to wool that can be used. Cotton, flannel, polyester, synthetic shearing, Tencel are a few to name. Also some eco-friendly alternatives are available these days such as hemp, bamboo, banana tree fiber, recycled plastic etc. You can also buy suede and leather alternatives to stop your contribution to animal harm for fashion.

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