Leather Alternatives Available in the Market

It is high time now that the leather products should be replaced by some other form of material. Leather bags, leather jackets, leather shoes, and what not; all are high statement fashion accessories. But is all this worth giving up the life of an animal? Animals, such as the cows are treated in a very harsh manner for the production of leather which is absolutely not justified. Keep reading to check out these amazing leather alternatives in the market.

Well, thanks to the amazing technology and modernization that there are some eco-friendly alternatives for leather available in the market which can be used by the industries to manufacture any sort of products. These alternatives provide no harm to any kind of animal in any single manner.

Glazed Cotton

Cotton gives an eerie resemblance to leather. Just make it more shiny, pressed and stretched, and you can easily use it as an alternative for leather.  An advantage associated with using Glazed Cotton is that it requires less care in comparison to leather and is also water-resistant.

Degradable Polyurethane

This leather alternative meets all the environmental goals and is very much in demand these days by the industries.  The recycled material part has also attained ISO Certification. Isn’t it just amazing?


This material is made from the wasted pineapple leaves and thus does not harm the animals as well as the environment in any way. Pineapple fibers being flexible and strong can easily handle the production process and produce the finest results. Therefore, be ready to buy your next handbag made of Pinatex material.

Faux Leather

The Faux leather looks exactly like the animal leather but is not made from the skin of animals. It is made with the help of cork, nylon and polyester. Being less expensive and of good quality, the Faux Leather is in demand these days.


The Barkcloth is a very green leather alternative and the products made out of the barkcloth are very much durable and fine. The attractive look and the reasonable price attract a lot of people.

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