List of Top Vegan Makeup Brushes available in USA

Makeup Brushes are the lifelines to a solid makeup look. However several times we feel skeptical about those makeup brushes because we have heard so much about them having animal hair. I personally used to feel so weird using a makeup brush when I imagined that it might have natural animal hair. Thus, we have curated a list of Top Vegan Makeup Brushes for you:

Morphe Brushes

Everyone just loves morphe brushes and recently morphe eyeshadow palettes have also been in the news. There have been many speculations about Morphe brushes being vegan and their products being cruelty free or not. Your doubt is cleared – Morphe brushes are vegan! Thus it makes to our list of Top Vegan Makeup Brushes.


Missame Brushes are famous worldwide. For your daily use, you must prefer these brushes which are regular in size and are fairly durable. You can buy a 10-piece makeup brush set and eliminate the need of buying any extra brushes, because the Missame brushes are just perfect in performing all sorts of functions.

Nanshy- Masterful Collection Makeup Brush Set

Being 100 percent cruelty-free, the Nanshy Brushes are very much in demand these days.  These brushes are perfectly angled and can be used for applying any texture of makeup.

Kat Von D Kat Eye Brush Set

Well, these brushes just give you the perfect Smokey eyes! The soft bristles give you a stylish look. They make blending easy as a dream! 

The Body Shop Makeup Brush Set

These brushes are very gentle to use and gives you a celebrity look. The three brushes that you get in the set, serves almost every purpose of yours.

Artis Elite Collection Makeup Brushes

These brushes work perfectly on the liquid as well as the powder formulas. These brushes can be easily used to apply makeup on your face without taking anybody’s help.

Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush

If you want to get ready in just two minutes, then this the perfect brush for you to use. The blurring brush is the perfect foundation brush which gives you a clean look in the least of time.

EcoTools Complexion Collection

This is a four brush set, made of synthetic fibers. Well, they just help you pick the exact amount of powder needed, so need of any tap-tap-tap!

Aveda’s Brushes

These brushes are eco-friendly. The handle can be recycled again and again. Also, it is easy to apply makeup by using Aveda’s Brushes.

IT Cosmetics- Heavenly Luxe 6 Piece Brush Set

These high quality brushes are easy to handle and use. You can use this 6 piece brush set for almost every type of makeup you want to.

Ecco Bella

The Ecco Bella Brushes are widely used by women. These brushes give you a finished look every time you use them.

Here was our list of Top Vegan Makeup Brushes. you can also check out the list of Top cruelty free foundation options and Top Cruelty Free concealers available in the USA.

List of Top Vegan Makeup Brushes
List of Top Vegan Makeup Brushes

This is our list of top vegan makeup brushes available in the USA. If you have any questions, feedbacks or suggestions, let us know at

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