List of Top Cruelty Free Nail Paints

Nail paints are indispensable for most women out there. Any number of nail paint shades are not enough. It’s always good to have as many nail paints as one can! Vibrant nail colours add that oomph to even every day looks and make you feel great! Here’s our list of Top Cruelty free nail paints available for you to choose from:

Butter London Vegan Nail Polish

The product uses no animal ingredients and also no animal testing is done. Therefore, you can use it freely without any guilt. The Butter London Vegan Nail Polish comes in a variety of colours from pastel to neon. We particularly love their pantone colours! 

Floss Gloss

The Floss Gloss nail paints come in many beautiful shades. Black Holy, Smoke on the Nail, Honey, Mauve Wives, and Con Limon are few of the colors. The price range is not too high. The quality of the nail paints is good and also it lasts quite long.

Dazzle Dry Nail Paints

Dazzle Dry Nail paints come in different colors. Thus, you can choose the one which matches with your outfit as well as your occasion. The Nail Paints are really well and do not fade away easily. Make sure you apply two coats to get it in the best from.

No Miss Nail Paints

No Miss is a traditional brand that makes absolutely cruelty free nail paints. The nail paints are available in different colors and at affordable prices. You can choose easily from the wide variety available and enhance your gorgeous looks.

Scotch Naturals

The Scotch Naturals Nail paints are known for their glossy shades. You do not have to worry after applying the nail paint as the shimmery and glossy look does not go away so easily. The nail paint dries fast and also does not result in chipping.

This was our list of Top cruelty free nail paints that you can choose from. If you have any suggestions, don’t forget to leave your comments. You can check out our list of 100+ Cruelty Free Makeup brands to make a decision before buying. You can also reach out to us at

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