Where does Suede come from? Is Suede Vegan?

What is Suede and Where does Suede come from?

‘Suede’ is a very famous type of leather which is used for making jackets, purses, furniture and many other items that are used by the people on daily basis in their day to day life. The term has its origin from French, and it means ‘gloves from Sweden’.  Suede is considered to be fuzzy on both of the sides and is comparatively less durable. It looks very beautiful but the real question is “Where does suede come from?” and does it harm animals? Keep reading below to know.

How is Suede leather produced and is Suede Vegan?

Animals such as lamb, goat, deer and calf are used for the production of Suede leather.

Suede leather is made from the skin of these animals. The topmost layer of the skin is generally not used much, whereas the underside of the skin is used heavily.  Various steps are followed for the production of the same. Firstly, all the hair is removed from the raw hide.  In the process of splitting operation, the drop split and the grain split are separated. Secondly, the fibers are mixed up with the tannins which make them no longer decomposable. Thirdly, these hides are undergone through various kinds of treatment and are mixed with various oils and salts. And lastly, these hides are colored and textured accordingly.

This process may seem easy to hear, but in reality is very hard to do and is very painful for the animals. The production of suede is very harmful for the animals and it puts their existence in danger.

Alternatives for Suede

Now that you know where does suede come from, you might be looking for its alternatives. Since animals are treated in a very cruel manner many people oppose the use of Suede leather. But you will be glad to hear that there are alternatives available for suede leather in the market. Vegeat Smooth Grain, Nylon fibers, Synthetic Fibers, Microfibers are a few to name.

You should prefer these over Suede, as the animals are not being used for the production of these fibers. Thus, save the lives of the animals and switch your choice to these alternatives.

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